Launching Team Advantj Site

My name is Shaine Mata. I am excited to launch the Team Advantj website for my Solavei friends. This site will serve two purposes. First, I want to use this site as a resource to help you learn about not only the Solavei business; but also GSM technology. Second, the site will serve as a way of recognizing the hard work and dedication of other Solavei members who are really excelling in their business.

As a Resource

While I will be presenting some clarifications and explanations about GSM service and GSM phones, this should not be a substitute for our Solavei Support network. When you ask most mobile phone users what kind of phone they have, they may tell you the model name or the network name. For example, you’ll hear that it is a “Galaxy SIII” or that it is a “Sprint phone”. ┬áThere is plenty of information available and an audience of members ready and willing to help with their expertise. This site is in addition to the Solavei Support forums.

Our first hurdle is that there is no “Solavei phone”. ┬áThe closest thing we have is a phone from GSM Nation, which ultimately is an unlocked GSM phone. Most mobile phone users are accustomed to buying the phone from the mobile provider, with a discount, and instant activation. For this reason, we have to be perfectly clear what is involved when switching over. We need a SIM card and an unlocked phone to get a new member started.

You do not have to know all about GSM technology; but, you should at least know what other mobile providers use GSM so that you know if their phones can be unlocked for use on our network. You should also know where to order GSM handsets and SIM cards. The idea behind Team Advantj is to help you retain the people who have switched over to Solavei thanks to your recommendation. We want to do right for them so they get the most out of their experience.

As a Celebration of Victories

We all need some recognition of our hard work from time to time. Team Advantj wants to celebrate the victories of our Solavei friends. We all deserve a pat on the back when we do a good job. We want to encourage and highlight success so that others can see what is possible.

Solavei has the potential to change lives for the better. The more we encourage others to take the bold step of taking their futures into their own hands through Solavei, the sooner they can start on the path to freedom.

Thank you for your attention.

Best of luck!

Shaine Mata